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When you select a cookery course, it is important that you select one that matches your current skill level. Our courses are graded across 3 skill levels to reflect the level of cookery experience you should have to enter the course.

Our foundation level is aimed at those with no prior experience of cooking whilst our intermediate level courses are suitable for the enthusiastic home cook, and our advanced level is for those that wish to take their cooking to a restaurant level.

Please note, these are entry level requirements not the final skill level you will achieve.

If you are unsure of your skill level or would like some assistance please contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Use our course finder to find courses that match your skill level.

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Entry Level Requirements


No previous experience of cookery required. We will teach you the fundamental skills and techniques required to enjoy your cookery with confidence.

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Aimed at the typical home cook. These courses will build your confidence in all areas of the kitchen. You should be familiar with common cookery concepts such as frying, baking, grilling and be able to follow a recipe. No other special skills are required.

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For those looking to cook to a fine-dining level, these courses offer intricate cookery techniques and a strong focus on refining your palate and presentation skills. You should be a confident cook, with good knife skills and have some prior experience of basic butchery (such as deboning a chicken leg), fish filleting, sauces and pastry. You should be comfortable working at a fast pace.

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