Ashburton Cookery School

Half Day Cooking Classes

Our half-day courses are a great way to learn a particular culinary skill that you will use for life. During a morning or afternoon session you will enjoy around 3 hours of in-depth, hands-on learning with our experienced chef tutors focusing on one specific skill. There is no lunch provided but you will leave with the ingredients or dishes that you have prepared during the course.


Canapes (Half-Day)

Intermediate Level Half-Day £95

Canapes are perfect for any occasion and our half-day course will teach you to create a range of attractive, mouth-watering …


Knife Skills (Half-Day)

Foundation Level Half-Day £95

You don't need to be able to chop at chef speeds to cook well, but learning how to use knives to their best effect in the ki…


Macarons (Half-Day)

Intermediate Level Half-Day £95

Macarons are a hugely popular sweet confection, visually stunning and flavoured in a myriad different ways. Our half-day cl…


Pasta Making (Half-Day)

Foundation Level Half-Day £95

Nothing beats the taste of freshly made pasta and on this half-day class we unravel the art of pasta making and learn how to…


Sushi (Half-Day)

Foundation Level Half-Day £95

Our half-day sushi course is perfect for anyone who is interested in making quality Japanese sushi dishes at home.…


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