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Kitchen Utensils

Often it is the little things that make a big difference, and these kitchen utensils will prove to be invaluable when you cook.

Blue Silicone Spatula

Price £5.95

Blue Silicone spoon spatula that is heat resistant and won't scratch non-stick surfaces. Blue. 28cm…


Fish Tweezers

Price £2.95

An essential tool for pin-boning fish.…


Metal Scraper

Price £4.96

Metal scraper with black plastic handle and stainless steel blade. Ideal for use in baking and prep work.…


Plastic Scraper

Price £1.94

Plastic scraper.…


Purple Silicone Spoon

Price £5.94

Heat and stain resistant spoon, made from dishwasher safe silicone, won't scratch non stick surfaces, 5 year guarantee. 30cm…


Red Silicone Spoon - 38cm

Price £6.50

38cm silicone cooking spoon, for use on non-stick surfaces & heat resistant to 210C…


Speed Peeler

Price £4.94

Stainless steel speed peeler to make short work of peeling vegetables.…



Price £12.95

35cm Heat Resistant Plastic Spoonula…



Price £4.96

Stainless steel, lockable tongs for handling food items.…